It’s October and the heart of the fall season (my favorite time of year) but I am already looking forward to the spring. Each year, at the end of January and in the midst of the winter freeze, the spring semester begins at the seminary.

Looking ahead to the spring 2016 semester, there are many things to look forward to and anticipate at GRTS. Each January about 35-40 new students start their seminary studies and this influx of new students brings new energy to the school at the start of the semester.

Here are a couple of highlights we are looking forward to this coming spring:


This coming January we plan to begin the next group of Urban Cohort students. The Urban Cohort program has become an integral part of GRTS since beginning with the first cohort in Sept. 2008. We look forward to welcoming the next group of students in January, virtually all of whom are serving in urban ministry in West Michigan. They will join the two cohorts already in progress working towards their master’s degrees in Ministry Leadership and Biblical Studies.

To find out more about the Urban Cohort program, contact Dr. Royce Evans by phone (616.222.1422) or email.


Do you want to travel to Israel and experience the Biblical land? Each January GRTS provides this opportunity for students and guests to travel on a faculty-led trip to Israel. This is an in-depth experience designed to provide a rich experience of the culture, history and geography of the land of Israel. The insights of GRTS professor Dr. Jonathan Greer bring a depth of knowledge and experience that is truly enriching. The next trip is scheduled for Jan. 3-13, 2016. Consider applying to join a future GRTS Israel Study trip.

This post has provided a couple of highlights that we are looking forward to this spring semester at GRTS. Everyday there are stories of how God is using GRTS to shape student lives within the seminary community. It is exciting to see the ways in which biblical and theological education is preparing students to serve God in ministry.

If you know someone who is considering seminary, we would love to hear from them. The Admissions office can be reached at 800.697.1133, or by emailing