There are people, like myself, who love to read and others who would rather do anything else in the world. No matter which kind of person you are, you will have to read in college. However, there is a guiding light through this inevitability: Miller Library.

I love to read and be surrounded by books, but our library at Cornerstone University offers so much more than that.


Often, professors will ask their students to view specific books from the library collection. This saves students from having to buy or rent them. I have visited the library for this reason plenty of times. Old and New Testament courses usually require various references from Bible commentaries that can be found in the library. Some of my psychology classes, like Child Development and Creative Therapy, have also led me to the children’s section upstairs.


The library also offers multiple services to help with classes. Students can meet with dedicated librarians to get assistance finding research resources, and the Writing Center aids those working on written projects.


Regardless of the type of classwork, the library is also just a great place to focus. A multitude of desks, chairs, couches, computers, printers and electrical outlets are scattered throughout both floors of the library. You can choose to be near people for group projects or moral support but also have the option to be secluded and without distractions.

I often find myself in the library during the evening or late Saturday morning with my friends. It is a wonderful place to study. Our favorite place is upstairs where there is a ring of couches. It is more private and still allows us to sit together.


During exam weeks, Cornerstone provides unique resources through the library. It is open late to assist students in their studies. Those who want to stay up late before an exam can access the library to do so without disrupting their roommates who are trying to sleep. Sometimes, they have special events for these weeks to offer support through stress-relief activities and free snacks.

We have a beautiful library, and it is easily one of my favorite places on campus. I highly recommend visiting our school and checking it out. While you are here, walk around to see other parts of our charming campus.