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Botner Publishes New Research on Mark's Gospel

News May 22, 2019

For Dr. Max Botner, assistant professor of New Testament, the Gospel of Mark has served as the focus of his research and writing in recent years. In addition to a book manuscript, his scholarship has resulted in the publication of a number of journal articles, including an article in the October 2018 edition of The Journal of Theological Studies.

Entitled “Has Jesus Read What David Did? Probing Problems in Mark 2:25-26,” the article’s intended audience includes biblical scholars and readers interested in messianism and Christology.

“I became interested in Mark 2:25-26 while working on my book on Mark,” Botner said. “I was intrigued by the sentiment among scholars that Jesus’ argument in this passage is incoherent or at least requires basic ignorance of the details in 1 Samuel 21.

“Researching this article confirmed for me the importance of the disciples’ participation in Jesus’ mission and authority. Given how obtuse the disciples were—given how obtuse we are—it’s astounding to me that Jesus entrusts and empowers us to do His kingdom work.”

The journal article serves as a precursor to the arrival of Botner’s forthcoming book entitled “Jesus Christ as the Son of David in the Gospel of Mark.” Published by Cambridge University Press, the book is scheduled for release in June 2019.

To read Botner’s recent scholarship on the Gospel of Mark and find links to his past work, visit

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