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Digital Marketing Minor

Consumers are bombarded with millions of digital messages every day—how do brands make sure their message cuts through the noise? A digital marketing minor from Cornerstone University provides you with hands-on experience in digital marketing, advertising, social media, web design and more. In a constantly changing digital world, you’ll need both the practical knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and a strong foundation for creating innovative solutions to answer consumer’s questions and meet their needs. By learning to use tools like data analytics, you’ll be able to create actionable insights and build stronger awareness for brands and businesses.

When you learn digital marketing at Cornerstone, you’re not only getting a rigorous education but you’re also being taught by faculty who have real-world experience and personal relationships with Jesus Christ. Our professors are dedicated to preparing the next generation of ethical marketing professionals who will change the way businesses improve their customers’ lives.

Degree Type

  • Minor


  • On Campus
  • Residential


  • Grand Rapids


As a Cornerstone student, you have the ability to take an internship for credit with one of the many booming organizations in West Michigan. Below are some examples of where our marketing students have interned in the past.


  • Steelcase
  • Amway
  • Meijer Inc.


Digital marketing is a vital part of any successful business, and a degree in this field is highly sought after by influential organizations. Here are a few careers where knowledge of digital marketing is vital.


  • Digital marketing associate
  • Email marketing manager
  • Marketing director
  • Social media manager


Of students at Cornerstone take part in an internship or practicum experience.


Student-to-faculty ratio with an average class size of 22.


Of your professors have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Course List

The digital marketing minor at Cornerstone is designed to inspire your intellect, deepen your character and prepare you to lead in your career with influence and wisdom.

MKT-251 Principles of Marketing

An introduction to marketing centered on the areas of product, pricing, distribution, and promotion with specific application to market orientation and the marketing function.

BUS-211 Business Statistics

Descriptive statistics including measures of central tendency and standard deviation, time series analysis, statistical inference with emphasis upon testing of hypotheses and measures of association, and application of these techniques to decision-making and planning. Emphasis is placed on methods for defining, researching, analyzing, and evaluating problems found in business.

MKT-342 Digital Marketing

This course will give students both theoretical knowledge of the internet as a marketplace and practical experience with the digital marketing function. Students will run ad budget management simulations, learn about analytics and develop digital marketing strategies. By the end of the course, students will be able to contribute to a company’s online presence and improve its digital marketing strategies, while critically examining the digital marketing landscape through a Christian worldview. Course topics will include web analytics, SEO, SEM, online advertising, email marketing and other digital marketing core competencies.

MKT-352 Marketing Research

An analysis of research methodology, including both quantitative and qualitative traditions of inquiry and the skills needed to conduct market research and resolve marketing-related problems. Emphasis will be placed on the mechanics of basic market research.

COM-339 Social Media

The course aims to provide students majoring in communication and other fields with knowledge about finding and distributing information in conversations over social media. Students will be introduced to common platforms, techniques and ethical considerations.

MKT-353 Marketing Communications

An integrated study of the strategy and methods of advertising campaigns, including print, radio, television, Internet, direct mail, public relations and viral marketing. This course provides “hands-on” practice working with real clients and businesses, emphasizing message elements, primary research, the creative process, copyrighting and pitching ideas in oral presentations.

I chose Cornerstone because the culture surrounding academics and faith really resonated with me. I saw how important community was and how invested everyone was, from students to faculty and staff, and wanted to be a part of it.

James Hanisch (’22)


CU professors are devoted to the success of our students. Select a faculty member to learn more about their campus involvement, research interests and teaching responsibilities.

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