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At Cornerstone University, we do residence life differently. During your four years at Cornerstone, you’ll become fully integrated into campus life through formative experiences like Orientation Week and campus-wide events like chapel. These experiences are meant to transform you from the inside out and inspire you to engage with your roommates and friends in every aspect of life.

Pickitt Hall

One of the longest-standing residence halls on campus, Pickitt Hall is typically home to first-year women on campus. The community-style halls are designed for freshmen to become integrated into campus life and live intentionally with one another. Pickitt has several annual traditions like Powderpuff and the Pickitt Talent Show.

Quincer Hall

Quincer Hall is one of the longest-standing residence halls on campus and is affectionately called “the Q” for short. Quincer is typically home to first-year men on campus. The Q is known for many beloved traditions to help new students have a meaningful first year on campus

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Central Hall

Central Hall is the newest residence hall on campus, completed in 2013. Residents in Central Hall have a unique perspective of De Witt baseball field—some can look right out their window to watch a game. Central Hall is typically home to sophomores, juniors, and transfer students.

Cook & Van Osdel Halls

Cook and Van Osdel (VO) Halls are residence halls for first-year and upperclassmen women and men, respectively, and are joined by co-ed lounges. Every year, Cook and VO host Dancing with the Sections, where each section of the residence hall puts together a dance routine to perform in Matthews Performing Arts Center.

Crawford and Babcock Halls

Crawford and Babcock Halls feature apartment-style living for upperclassmen. Each apartment can house up to four residents and has a fully-furnished kitchen, giving upperclassmen the opportunity to save money by adjusting their meal plan. Each apartment also has a spacious living room, two bedrooms and a full bathroom.

Keithley Hall

Keithley Hall is a residence hall for upperclassmen women. The suite-style rooms can house four residents per unit with a full bathroom in between. Keithley is known for holding lots of movie and game nights, as well as providing the halftime show for the annual Powderpuff football game.

On-Campus Apartments

The Fuller, Knol, and Morris rental apartments offer alternative housing primarily to married students, grad students, and older undergrad students. These apartments offer year-round housing on-site to students that would otherwise have to live off-campus.

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