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The Cornerstone University Magazine provides the opportunity to share exciting news and engage in relevant ministry, community and higher education conversations.

In the Fall 2016 issue, we are especially excited to unveil the plans for developing a new state-of-the-art science building on the main campus. Also, in this issue, we look at the influence our Urban Cohort is having, the momentum behind a new master's program offered through PGS and highlight the CU LifePath program as it provides a purpose-guided academic and career planning approach to the collegiate experience.

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A Letter from the President

Greetings from CU. What I love about our campus transcends the beautiful landscapes and functional buildings! The best thing about our campus is that it is busy with some of the finest students from Michigan and beyond! My highest joy is spending time with them. They inspire me with their idealism, vision and passion. I often admit to myself that I'm not here for the paperwork (although I do that to keep the job I love)! It's the students that keep me motivated and satisfied!

So, embracing opportunities that enable them to flourish in their educational experience is a high priority for me. And that means that I have to stay relevant to student interests, needs and opportunities that guarantee their ultimate success…intellectually, professionally and spiritually. Of course being committed to staying relevant can be a risky business–the drive for relevance can often tempt one to veer off course and follow fleeting trends. So knowing what must never change and what must change is the guiding light of relevant leadership.

One aspect of guaranteeing mission-centered relevance is the need for us to provide opportunities in the now critical areas of science, technology, engineering and math. Or, as it is known in the educational industry, STEM. It's is where the majority of student interest lies and the biggest job market for them when they finish their time at CU. In order to support those programs to the max, we are announcing the launch of a campaign to raise this $20 million for the provision of a state-of-the-art science and technology facility. Which will help guarantee that we are staying relevant to the vibrant educational opportunities that we seek to provide.

These are exciting days for us at Cornerstone. I trust that you will find the stories and information to be as inspiring as I do.

CU Magazine Articles

The Cornerstone University Annual Magazine is a publication produced by the Marketing & Communications Office at Cornerstone University.

Campus News

New publications and grant awards for CU Faculty.

Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological staff and faculty actively pursue lifelong learning and academic activities outside of the classroom.

Dr. Michael Pasquale and Dr. David Turner announce recent publications and editorial appointments. In addition, Professor Kathleen Sindorf, Dr. Matt Bonzo and Jason Clayton share news about their acceptance of recent grant awards...

Staying Relevant in the Changing Fields of Science

by Tiffany Kreh (B.A. '07)

How a new science building grows CU's influence in providing essential Christian perspective to the science community.

Any new endeavor starts with a vision. For the Kinesiology, Science and Math Division at Cornerstone University, that vision began with the hope to offer students a state-of-the-art facility that would spark more conversations about how science can be explored from a Christ-centered perspective...

The Intersection of Faith and Science

by Dawn Pick Benson

How Dr. Nigel Crompton, biology professor, is influencing cancer research and the science world.

When Dr. Nigel Crompton, professor of biology, was first introduced to Christian higher education in the United States, he saw incredible possibilities for integrating his faith and love of the sciences...

Breaking Down Barriers By Bringing Theological Training to Urban Ministry Leaders

by Melissa Blanchard

An update from the Urban Cohort program on the influence that access to formal education is having on urban communities.

The demands of full-time ministry are no secret to those who have been called to it. Hours are often spent studying, praying, teaching and counseling with little time for personal or professional development. This can be especially taxing for those serving in under-resourced urban communities...

New M.A. Program Challenges Emerging Leaders

by Dawn Pick Benson

The new Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree integrates theory and research for practical solutions to workplace problems.

Well-trained leaders are more important than ever in today's workforce. And understanding the power they have to "meddle" in lives—for good or bad—is essential. In order to bring a Christ-centered perspective into leadership roles, Cornerstone's Professional & Graduate Studies program has developed a new Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree scheduled to begin with its first cohort as early as spring 2017...

A Path to a Purposeful Life

by Dawn Pick Benson

CU's LifePath program provides a purpose-guided academic and career planning approach to the collegiate experience.

Through its new undergraduate LifePath framework, Cornerstone is equipping students to identify and pursue their life calling and vocation in in ways uniquely suited to their God-given gifts and abilities while demonstrating the virtues and character of Christ in their personal and professional lives...


With contributions by President Joe Stowell, Dr. Gerald Longjohn and Bob Sack, M.B.A.

A discussion with Dr. Joseph Stowell on the definitive disruptions that are affecting higher education.

This fall, President Joseph Stowell and Dr. Gerald Longjohn, VP for Student Development, sat down with Bob Sack, VP for University Advancement, to discuss some of the important topics in higher education. There are definitive disruptions that are affecting higher education as we move through this century...

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Golden Eagle Days at CU

Every Friday, Cornerstone's campus comes alive with added excitement as students from all over the country and around the world are given a taste of what life will feel like on this campus.

The day is focused on the faith of this campus, the passion and expertise of our faculty and the experience of life within the CU community.

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Winter Gala

The Cornerstone University Winter Gala on Friday, Feb. 17, 2017, is an occasion to honor and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments and contributions that faculty, staff and alumni make to Cornerstone University and the broader community.

The evening will include dinner, an awards program and a university update from President Stowell.

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