Achieving Academic Goals.

Achievement of your academic goals matters. Building upon the personal strengths that you identify from your first week on campus in Terra Firma, the Center for Student Success team will empower you to develop an individualized four-year plan, provide academic counseling and support, and assist you in developing skills that will help you thrive as a student. As an enrolled student, resources available to you include:

  • Academic advising and strengths-centered coaching
    Plan to introduce yourself early during your first semester! The Center for Student Success team provides academic advising for all enrolled first-year students.
  • Peer tutoring
    Rally support for your undergraduate years. Enrolled students may request a tutor at any time throughout the semester by completing a Tutor Request form. Private, one-hour weekly sessions are held in the Center for Student Success office.
  • Learning Strategies Course (CLC096)
    Enhance your academic skills with a 2 credit hour course. Offered each semester, you are invited to participate in discussions on goal formation strategies, assessment of your learning style and best practices for engaging coursework as a student.
  • Connections to campus resources and contacts
    Maximize the experience of your undergraduate years through campus networks. Plan to bring your questions to the Center for Student Success team as soon as you arrive in Grand Rapids, Mich. We'd be glad to introduce you to campus contacts.
  • Tailored academic support services
    Through identification of your learning style, the Center for Student Success team assists with test anxiety, testing strategies, establishment of an academic organizational system, time management, and the development of effective study skills.
  • Disability services for traditional undergraduate and adult students
    Cornerstone University offers both academic and housing accommodations. For additional information and application instructions, visit the Student Disability Services webpage.

Contact Us

  • Campus Location: Miller Hall
  • Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Please Note: The Center for Student Success has limited hours during summer months. For availability, please email or call 616.222.1596 prior to your visit.

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