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Career and Life Calling

Career and Life Calling at Cornerstone University is uniquely positioned to support and empower students through every aspect of their college life. Starting freshman year, students can expect to be equipped with tools they will use throughout their studies and beyond.

At Cornerstone, we believe that your degree is more than just a golden ticket to get a job. We believe that each person has been uniquely called by God for a specific purpose. Career and Life Calling is designed as a whole-person approach to your calling. It’s beyond interview prep or resume building. It’s the plan that God has for your life and the passions He has put on your heart.



Placement rate for traditional undergraduates who are prepared to lead in their careers and lives with influence and wisdom.


Students who participate in internships or practicum experiences.


student-to-faculty ratio for the traditional undergraduate program.


LIFEPATH is a strategic program designed to cultivate spiritual, vocational and personal growth starting on your very first day on campus. Everything you experience, from your year-long service project through CU Foundations and receiving tutoring from the Center for Student Success, is integrated into your college experience. Your senior year will culminate with an internship built into your program and a capstone class that includes resources to launch your future.

We want you to graduate with a tenacity for taking on the world, no matter what it might throw at you. You will finish your time at Cornerstone with real-world internship experience, advice and resources from your professors and a launchpad to begin the calling God has planned for you.


At Cornerstone, 100% of traditional undergraduate students complete an internship or practicum. These real-world, hands-on workplace experiences are designed to reflect the National Association of Colleges and Employer’s definition of an academic internship.

Virtual Employer Internship Workshops

West Michigan colleges and universities have teamed up with the West Michigan Internship Initiative, to provide you with free training opportunities to help your internship program succeed in remote or on-ground setting.

Recruit a CU Student

Is your organization hiring? The Career and Life Calling team looks forward to partnering with you to acquire the talent you seek for your organization.

CU immensely impacted my growth in knowledge and expertise. CU provided real-world experiences where I applied myself and my strengths in a challenging and cultivating way.

Brittany Huff (’19)

Career and Life Calling


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