College opens up opportunities for students to study a variety of subjects. Each major and minor is created to meet the unique interests of individuals while preparing them for their callings and careers. For Brian Richard Griffin, the subject that has ultimately caught his attention is digital media.

Brian is currently a sophomore at Cornerstone majoring in digital media, as well as creativity and innovation through the Creativity and Innovation Honors Institute. Although he is still an underclassman, his knowledge of digital media is immense. It is something he has been passionate about for many years, even before coming to Cornerstone, and he was excited to share about his journey.

What Is Digital Media?

Digital media is rooted in communication and relates to a number of subjects like film, audio and graphic design. For employers looking to hire someone with media expertise, being well versed in many different areas of the field can be a big selling point. This idea appealed to Brian and played into his excitement for professional storytelling through media channels.

“You get to communicate clearly through different means,” said Brian. “I love that I get to use my skills to help other people share their messages clearly and effectively.”

How It Started

Brian’s interest in media actually started in middle school while he was experimenting with website creation. It ended up being fun and before he knew it, he was being hired by family friends to design various types of digital media, learning more as he went. He found it incredibly rewarding to see people use his work.

As Brian continued to learn and become more engrossed in the subject of digital media, he was also nearing the time when he wanted to start exploring colleges. It was a marketing email from Cornerstone that first piqued his interest in the school. The email was an example of the professional digital media content he was interested in. This interaction ended up being the first step in his Cornerstone journey. During a later visit to campus, he was able to experience the incredible community that Cornerstone is often known for.

Growing in Community and Faith

If you ask any student on campus what drew them to Cornerstone, chances are they will include the community on their list. As I’ve experienced for myself as a student here, the students and faculty are so supportive. Everyone is ready and willing to encourage each other to grow.

“I’m thankful that we have a diverse community where we can hear each other out and play on each other’s differences,” said Brian. “There is a lot we can learn from each other.”

The community allowed him to experience new people and perspectives which led to personal growth.

“My thoughts and assumptions have been challenged,” Brian explained. “I was asking the hard questions that make faith more real. We have to be real about what we believe, and the only way to do that is to be challenged by differing perspectives.”

Cornerstone is a place where students can passionately pursue their careers with the support of their peers and faculty members. Whether you think you might be being called to pursue digital media or something else, I invite you to check out our majors. And if you are looking for a school that will support you every step of the way, I recommend that you apply to Cornerstone today!