When Ron Frelix (MBA ’12) graduated from Cornerstone University’s Professional & Graduate Studies program with a Master of Business Administration in 2012, his plan was to find a job that combined his passion for health and wellness with his new degree. He did just that when he earned an entry-level position with the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids. From there, he worked his way up to become the community wellness lead. Then, during 2016 and 2017, Ron transition to a part-time position with the YMCA and into his current full-time position as the director of health and wellness with the Salvation Army Kroc Center.

In this position, Ron uses his business skills for budget planning, events and fundraising planning, as well as handling sales and marketing responsibilities. On the flip side, he also provides community advocacy and works with the executive team and corporate communications to keep raising awareness regarding living a healthier lifestyle.

Ron’s desire to merge his two passions does not end with his position at the Salvation Army Kroc Center, though. The marriage between his knowledge of health along with his experience and his business skill set from PGS has opened opportunities to not just work but to serve as well.

Ron’s heart for serving was instilled by his parents and grandparents. Growing up, he was taught to serve others in the church and his community. As for developing a passion for health and wellness, that came from playing sports. Through sports, Ron learned the benefits of focusing on health and growing to become a more capable person. For Ron, it’s a joy to pass what he has learned on to others.

“I see health and wellness as my ministry where I serve as a teacher, coach and oftentimes a friend. My hope is that people will pass the good things forward and be seeds for change in their own homes and communities, particularly in the way they make decisions, see the world and treat others,” Ron says.

Today, Ron intentionally tries to create positive experiences for the people he encounters while working and serving. He wants to promote healthy habits, education, inclusiveness, discipline, perseverance, self-love, optimism and service with the people he has the joy of meeting. He hopes his work influences the lives of everyone he encounters.

About Ron

Ron Frelix (M.B.A. ’12) currently works as the director of health and wellness at the Salvation Army Kroc Center. He resides in Grand Rapids, Mich., with his wife, Natalie, their two children and his niece and nephew.