What does a leader mean to you?

A leader can be a director overseeing 20 direct reports or a team member who brings a positive influence in her work environment. And if you’re interested in fueling your passion for leadership, you want to learn more, read more and hear more to help you be an effective influencer.

And to really move forward in your understanding of a topic, idea or opportunity, you have to experience it for yourself.

Discover how you can develop your knowledge, skills and experiences to make a difference, equipped with a doctorate degree. Events like our Ed.D. Seminar, offered both online and on-campus, provide such an opportunity for you to learn more in a comfortable, convenient and relational setting.

Reasons Why You Should Attend Our Ed.D. Seminar

Want more convincing? Here are six reasons why you should consider attending an Ed.D. Seminar either in-person or online

1) Network With Other Leaders

Like our program emphasis on supportive learning communities, our Ed.D. Seminar encompasses an opportunity for you to meet, chat and learn from individuals who are also interested in developing their leadership role.

Some guests you meet may be in the same industry as you. Some may be in a completely different field yet have similar leadership goals and ambitions. In either case, networking with others is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

2) Hear the Inside Scoop From Current Students and Faculty

Do you wonder what it’s really like in a doctoral program at Cornerstone University? At our Ed.D. Seminar, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the schedule, course work and community impact of a doctorate degree.

Hear from a panel of current students and faculty who will share their stories of why they chose to continue their professional development with a terminal degree. You’ll get to hear of challenges and concerns they faced as they entered and journey through the program as well as how they have overcome and managed those barriers. Are you wondering what a week of class looks like for a doctorate student? These experienced learners will let you know. Our panel of students and faculty, as well as our staff members, are eager to share with you and answer your questions.

3) Explore the Difference

Choosing to pursue an Ed.D. over a Ph.D. is intentional. By attending an informational seminar, you’ll discover the key differences between these two doctoral degrees as you move forward in cultivating transformative change. In addition to understanding the differences, you’ll also gain a greater sense of how a doctoral program that’s practioner-focused can help you lead well with effective evidence-based decision-making practices.

Along this journey of deepening your understanding of the Ed.D. at Cornerstone University, you’ll also learn more about entrance exams to the program, key milestones like capstone exams and projects as well as what to expect in annual three-day residencies.

4) Step Out of Your Comfort Zone With Support

Venturing out on a new adventure isn’t always easy. We know. Which is why the staff, faculty and current students you’ll meet at our Ed.D. Seminar are there to help support you as you take that next step.

Current students will tell you that pursuing your doctorate isn’t just a breeze. It takes work. In order to reap the rewards from education, you’ve got to put something into it. But this team of faculty and staff you’ll meet will walk with you through each step from enrollment to graduation. And the achievement and accomplishment you receive through the work is beyond worth the effort.

Experience the support you’ll receive in the program and learn about the opportunities that await you at our Ed.D. Seminar.

5) Be Inspired

From the conversations at your table to the program overview by our associate dean to the crowd-favorite panel discussion, you’ll get to hear of real-life examples of how students and graduates are using their doctoral studies to make a positive difference in their communities.

You’ll not only be supported by current Cornerstone personnel but also with the opportunity to hear of experiences from other community leaders you meet. Our guests come from a range of backgrounds and practices such as education, social services, business, public services and much more.

This brief time on a Saturday morning can help inspire you to make a change that matters in your life.

6) Join From Wherever You Are

With the opportunity to join virtually, you can participate in the conversation from wherever you are. By using chat functions and other engagement tools, you’ll be able to ask questions, make comments and connect with other leaders, current students, staff and faculty.

Not only does this online option make travel and logistics easier on you, it also gives you a sense of what online learning could look like for you as you complete coursework in the Ed.D. program.

Take Your Next Step in Leadership

These six reasons are just some of the many benefits and things you can look forward to when attending an Ed.D. Seminar. Join us for an opportunity to network, hear the inside scoop on the program, discover key distinctives, learn new things, step out of your comfort zone and be inspired, all in one event.

Stay tuned for our next Ed.D. Seminar.