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Finance Students Attend Kingdom Advisors Conference in Canada

News Dec. 20, 2019

Awarded a grant from the Ron Blue Institute, seven traditional undergraduate students and one faculty representative of the Ron Blue Center at Cornerstone University attended the 2019 Kingdom Advisors Canadian One Day Conference in Ontario. The conference united established and aspiring financial professionals who are passionate about educating their clients in the principles of biblical financial stewardship.

“As Christians, we should be willing stewards managing all God has given us,” Chris Kellner, assistant professor of finance and director of programs for the Ron Blue Center at Cornerstone University, said. “Our students should know what that means and how to live it out. The Kingdom Advisor conference visit and our Ron Blue Center programs work to that end. Christian stewardship gives both freedom and responsibility, all focused on relationship to our Creator and His creation.”

Amber Guzman, a CU student with a double major in business finance and management, participated in the November trip.

“I enjoyed the Kingdom Advisors conference because I was able to better understand that it’s important to know if your heart and focus are on Christ when you’re handling your and other clients’ money,” Guzman summarized. “As a Christian, we have to be aware if we are secretly idolizing money because a person can’t serve two masters.”

With four inspiring keynote sessions on the topic of biblical stewardship and testimonies of real-life change shared by financial advisors and clients, the conference strengthened new connections among like-minded financial management professionals.

“The greatest part for me was seeing our finance people come together—both as a university group and the church more broadly—through the Kingdom Advisors conference,” Kellner concluded. “Connecting with Christian finance professionals refreshed my soul, reminding me of the important work we are doing together. Hearing students hungry for the ‘True Riches’ book study group to carry forward this conversation and strengthen these connections gives me hope.”

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