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2014 | Recognizing and Recovering from Addictions

This event occurred Monday, October 20, 2014.  The human phenomenon of addictions is complex and multidimensional since it is difficult to separate the mind, body and spirit within the human condition. The tendency to want to anesthetize the mind when one is facing stress and uncomfortable emotional states can become compulsive and begin to create excessive dependencies on substances and/or habitual behaviors. This can become a vicious and destructive cycle that can create the development of a disease and can involve decisions that compromise the quality of one’s life regardless of legal, relational, vocational, physical and personal consequences. This Talking Points event addressed the reality of addictions and the hope associated with the recovery process.


  • Session 1 - Addiction Intervention: Discovering the Best Route for Total Recovery with Dr. Tina Parkman: Power Point
  • Session 2 - Addiction Neuropathology: Understanding the Terrain with Dr. William Struthers: Power Point
  • Session 3 - Addiction Treatment: Navigating Substance Abuse Counseling Groups with Dr. Tina Parkman: Power Point

2013 | Creation in Scripture

Every communicator has expectations about how he or she wishes to be heard. So, what approach to reading the creation texts of Scripture best respects what God intended? This question is at the forefront of recent discussion about the Bible and creation. This Talking Points event provided the opportunity to engage in thoughtful theological dialogue on this important topic.


2012 | Christian Civic Engagement: Right, Responsibility, Opportunity

The thrust of Talking Points 2012 was to generate reflection on how we might restore civility in America as a model for restoring and fostering civil discourse around the world.

The last half-century has seen evangelical Christians emerge as a significant force in national elections and debates, on everything from social issues to foreign policy. Unfortunately, Christian civic engagement has been hijacked by polarizing voices and unimaginative choices. It simply isn’t the case that, in order to be "politically engaged," we must choose to vote for Party A or Party B. Christian civic responsibility and political engagement can be more creative and redemptive, and even more civil and gracious, than has been modeled by leading figures over the last several decades.

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary invited three leading scholars to discuss how "Christian Civic Engagement" has taken shape in America and to help us imagine how we might take up these rights and responsibilities as new opportunities emerge.


 2011 | Text + Culture

The Bible is...

  • an ancient text written to an ancient culture.
  • a relevant word from God himself for today.

In these two realities lay the challenge of pastors and students of the Bible.

  • How do we understand the meaning of the biblical text in its original context?
  • How do we translate the text into the vocabulary of today's reader?
  • How do we speak the relevance of the Bible to our contemporary culture?


Session 1 - Biblical Text in Ancient Culture by Daniel Watson, Ph.D.
Session 2 - Biblical Text in Contemporary Culture by Douglas Moo, Ph.D.
Session 3 - Biblical Text & Cultural Relevance by Scot McKnight, Ph.D.