Conduct an Approved Research Study at Cornerstone University

At Cornerstone University, the mission of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to protect the rights and welfare of research subjects. Because the right to conduct research comes with considerable responsibility, Cornerstone will only condone research studies of the highest ethical integrity. If you wish to conduct a research study at Cornerstone, you must capably demonstrate to our IRB that your research study both acknowledges and fulfills this essential requirement.

The IRB serves to advance regulatory, educational and promotional purposes related to research studies conducted at Cornerstone. As such, the IRB:

  • Reviews and monitors research projects which involve human subjects to ensure that two broad standards are upheld. First, subjects are not placed at undue risk. Second, that they give uncoerced, informed consent to participants.
  • Reviews and monitors all projects involving animals to ensure that they are justified by their benefits and minimize any animal pain or suffering that might occur.
  • Encourages university faculty, staff and students to engage in appropriate scholarship.
  • Helps university faculty, staff and students understand the concepts of ethical behavior in research, "doing no harm" and informed consent.
  • Develops and publish guidelines for the review and monitoring of projects under their jurisdiction.

Institutional Review Board Members

  • Dr. Nigel Crompton, Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Sérgio da Silva (chair), Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Emily Gratson, Associate Dean of Assessment and Student Success
  • Dr. Jonathan Greer, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Director of the Hesse Memorial Archaeological Laboratory
  • Dr. Nicole McDonald, Professor of Psychology and Disability Accommodations Officer
  • Dr. James Sackett, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
  • Andrew Zwart, Instructor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies and Director of Academic Support, Kuyper College