When I was in high school I knew that I wanted to go to a Christian university. I really wanted to grow, specifically in my faith, and I knew that going to a Christian school would catalyze that process. At the time, I had no idea just how much coming to Cornerstone University would develop me not just spiritually, relationally or academically, but as a whole person.


Almost any Cornerstone student who is asked will tell you that what he loves most about CU is the people. My time at Cornerstone has been marked by deeply rooted relationships with individuals I love and admire. Those relationships have probably been the most influential part of my experience at Cornerstone. I have grown as a person by being around so many peers who are passionately pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ and whose sole desire is to make an impact for the kingdom of God.

In the book of Acts, it talks about the believers having everything in common and being known by their love. I think that Cornerstone represents the modern-day Acts believers so well. When we step off campus, I truly believe that people can tell a difference about us by the way we love one another. If you’re going through something, you can always count on having someone to stand in faith and pray with you here. You can’t walk around campus without being met by smiles and enthusiastic greetings. You will always find a place where you can be truly known by those around you.

Cornerstone has always emphasized the power of community, whether that community is created through 2 a.m. runs to IHOP, events like Powederpuff and Dancing with the Sections or late night chats with roommates. The people you live with are the people you do life with. They will be the ones who will support you in your low moments and be your biggest cheerleaders in your best moments. Your Cornerstone community will be your family. They will teach you so much about how to relate to others, challenge you to grow and teach you so much about yourself.

I am forever grateful for the people that have shaped me into who I am today and for the community that has loved me so well in the process. I know that I have made lifelong friends here.


Jesus Christ is central at Cornerstone. In classes, chapels, student activities, athletics and everything else, you cannot help but be impacted by His presence.

We have chapels four times a week that students actively participate in. Worship happens spontaneously in the dorms and through student-led groups. There is a campus ministries team that promotes ministry initiatives, discipleship groups and other programming all designed to bring the student body more into relationship with Jesus. The opportunities for faith formation are endless and you don’t even have to study ministry or Bible to be a part of them or be impacted by them.

I have grown so much in my relationship with the Lord because I have chosen to own my faith. I don’t follow Jesus because that’s how I was raised or because someone is making that decision for me, but because I have seen the goodness of God and I want nothing less than an intimate relationship with Him. With Christ at the center of Cornerstone University, I am challenged all the time to not only own my faith but to seek more—a greater understanding of who He is and who He is to me.


One of my favorite things about Cornerstone are the professors. I’ve had so many that exceeded their roles as teachers and become mentors. I know that their doors are always open to me. A professor I had for just one class still reaches out to me pretty regularly just to see how I’m doing. Even though I didn’t choose to stay in his field of study, he has still had an impact on my life just by showing he cares.

Having relationships with professors is also helpful post-graduation. They can connect you to a whole network of professionals and offer you a positive recommendation. I had that experience this summer as I served with a ministry that one of my professors was on the national board for. With his recommendation, I was automatically accepted into the program.

As a ministry minor, I have had the opportunity to take classes that also contribute to my faith development. My favorite one is Spiritual Formation. In this class, we talked about a lot of things impacting our development as believers. It was a positive experience because of the content of the class and because of the professor who shared so much of his wisdom with us, creating a safe place to question what we thought we knew about our faith. I regularly apply what I learned in that class to my everyday life.

As students at a Christian university, we are also challenged to make Christ central in whatever career path we choose. Whether it be business, social sciences, communications, or any field of study, as Christ-followers we are called to excellence, and by attending a Christian university that standard is not only encouraged but lived out by our peers and professors.

Dr. Stowell always says that Cornerstone is a truth only zone. At a Chrisitan university, you don’t have to worry about weighing out the validity of something that you are taught; you can expect it to line up with the truth of Scripture.


No matter what your personal goals, you will be challenged to achieve them in a way that brings glory to God through your life. Throughout your four years, you will experience holistic growth. If you want a place where Christ is central, the community is vibrant and you are encouraged to chase your passions, come to Cornerstone.

For more information on how to apply or general questions about the university, contact your admissions counselor!