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Media Production Major

Amplify messages using professional storytelling techniques with a Bachelor of Arts in media production from Cornerstone University. Taught from a Christian worldview, the media production program equips students with a cutting-edge digital media and communication toolkit. The program with optional concentrations provides individualized training in areas such as design, writing, recording, filming, editing, and directing for career opportunities in audio, video, or music production.

Media production students can also increase their range of knowledge with in-demand marketplace skills by adding a concentration to their degree program. Select from concentrations in audio production, film and video production or music production.

  • Audio Production Concentration: Discover the intricacies, tools, and scientific techniques behind audio engineering while developing hands-on experience in areas such as live audio production, studio techniques, and post-production editing.
  • Film and Video Production Concentration: In this program, you’ll learn from professors who have on-the-ground experience in making and producing films for respected production companies. You’ll work with other students in your program to create high-quality, professional-level films to add to your portfolio.
  • Music Production Concentration: Gain experience in live and studio sound mixing, and explore music technology, business, communication, and marketing.

At Cornerstone, you’ll dive deeper into your true calling. Whether you feel called to make and direct your own feature-length films or direct audio for live events, CU will prepare you for what lies ahead. You will enter the workforce with the sought-after skills of storytelling, communication and audio and video design.

Degree Type

  • Bachelor of Arts


  • On Campus
  • Residential


  • Grand Rapids


Media production majors at Cornerstone get real-world experience at internships across Grand Rapids and beyond. They work with marketing firms, sports teams, production companies and more.


  • Deep End Films
  • Grand Rapids Film Festival
  • OneWay Ministries
  • WOOD TV8
  • Access of West Michigan
  • Insomniac Events
  • 91.3 WCSG
  • Corporate Sound


With the market becoming more and more digital, employers are looking for tech-savvy employees who can provide quality content on any platform. In fact, many employers are demanding their employees have skills across multiple areas of media. A media production degree from Cornerstone puts you one step ahead of the game and makes you a competitive applicant for any multimedia job.


  • Advertising
  • Graphic Designer
  • Videographer
  • Web Designer
  • Production Coordinator
  • Audio Producer
  • Music Producer
  • Radio Production Manager
  • Church Media Director
  • Live Audio Engineer


Of audio production graduates from the class of 2019 were employed within six months.


Student-to-faculty ratio with an average class size of 22.


Of students participate in internship or practicum experiences.

Program Courses and

Explore the major courses and optional concentrations available to media production majors, and customize your degree program to achieve your career goals!

Media Production Major Core Courses

A major in media production gives you foundational skills in digital media and production. In addition to the courses below, you can double major in business marketing or similar fields based on your vocational interests.

  • COM 212: Interpersonal Communication OR COM 321: Group Communication
  • COM 339: Social Media
  • MDA 111: Introduction to Story
  • MDA 213: Introduction to Graphic Design
  • MDA 236: Introduction to Digital Photography
  • MDA 261: Audio Production I
  • MDA 271: Film and Video Production I
  • MDA 318: Writing for the Media
  • MDA 380: Internship
  • MDA 400/COM 400: Capstone Seminar

Film and Video Production Concentration

With the film and video production concentration at Cornerstone, you can explore the intricacies of storytelling, shooting, editing and producing your own film content. Film and video professionals are needed in organizations of all different shapes and sizes to deliver quality content to diverse audiences. Our graduates end up at top-tier production companies, graduate schools and churches across the country.

Students in this concentration complete courses such as:

  • MDA 282: Film and Video Production II
  • MDA 321: Spirituality and Film History
  • MDA 341: Advanced Film and Video Production I
  • MDA 342: Advanced Film and Video Production II
  • MDA 365: Film and Video Production Labs
  • MDA 441: Advanced Film and Video Production III
  • MDA 442: Advanced Film and Video Production IV

Audio Production Concentration

Cornerstone University’s audio production concentration is one of the leading programs of its kind, preparing you to use your unique skills in churches, radio stations, and broadcasting companies around the country. Tell stories using the medium of sound while discovering the intricacies and science behind audio production in classes such as:

  • MDA 161: Audio-Video Technical Production
  • MDA 262: Live Audio Production
  • MDA 281: Audio Production II
  • MDA 361: Audio for Media Production
  • MDA 363: Audio for Post-Production
  • MDA 366: Advanced Live Audio Production
  • MDA 367: Advanced Studio Techniques

Music Production Concentration

The music industry is growing exponentially every year, especially in music production. Students can look forward to developing the skills necessary to design and create recording projects — working each step of the process from recording in the studio to producing, mixing and mastering their final work.
Prepare to achieve your career goals with a concentration in music production.

To complete a music production concentration, you’ll take classes such as those listed below as part of your major:

  • MDA 161: Audio-Video Technical Production
  • MDA 262: Live Audio Production
  • MDA 281: Audio Production II
  • MDA 367: Advanced Studio Techniques
  • MUS 110: Music Fundamentals
  • MUS 171: Introduction to Music Technology
  • MUS 227: Popular Music
  • MUS 315: Songwriting

Learning from professors that are so adept and knowledgeable in their fields puts the aspirations and goals that I have into perspective, showing me that they are attainable with the right amount of instruction, practice and application. They also help to shine a light on how to reflect Christ through media.

Luke Pohl (B.S. ’23)


CU professors are devoted to the success of our students. Select a faculty member to learn more about their campus involvement, research interests and teaching responsibilities.

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