Add dimension to your college years.

Beyond the classroom, you may choose to invest portions of your time in global engagement initiatives to end malaria, connect with friends over Late Night breakfast as you head into exam week, join in the historic traditions of a residence hall, enjoy a cup of coffee with President Stowell, or schedule a standing dinner with your small group. Prepare for a full calendar of options and opportunities that will become integrated components of your undergrad years.

A Student Perspective | Quotes. Highlights. Reflections.

Who better to introduce you to the rhythms and seasons of student life here at Cornerstone University than members of our student body. Hear from them about their campus experiences thus far and meet alumni that rank their undergraduate years in our student-focused learning community as being among the most formative, shaping set of years of their lives.

Orientation | Service. Leadership. Immersion.

Terra Firma lasts the duration of your first year on campus, proving to be a foundational class as you become familiarized with the rhythms of student life, opportunities for involvement, and prepare to maximize each of your college years.

Spiritual Life | Chapel. Discipleship. Campus Conversations.

Beyond chapel gatherings held each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you'll join fellow students for small group studies, connect with mentors over coffee in the Corum Student Union, participate in Evensong worship services on Sunday nights, and extend conversations with speakers during breakout sessions scheduled with select presenters and authors each semester...such as Lopez Lomong, U.S. Olympic athlete and author of Running for My Life.

Global Opportunities | Invitations. Initiatives. Engagement.

The Student Development team coordinates Global Opportunities that range in length from a few weeks to the entirety of a semester. Serve and study abroad in community with other Cornerstone students, reshaping your perspective and extending your understanding of academics well outside the walls of a traditional classroom.

Athletic Teams | Coordination. Mission. Direction.

On the field and off, Night of Nets unites athletes and spectators behind a shared goal to end malaria, collecting event admission costs to purchase insecticide-treated bed nets for families living in Zambia and other locations around the world. In addition, we maintain rosters and schedules for intramural games and matches on campus.

Student Life | Traditions. Organizations. Legacy.

The Student Activities Board maintained by the Student Development team will keep your calendar full. Picture Mega Twister on an oversized game board, pumpkin smashing on the hill by Quincer Hall at the annual Fall Smash, flag football on a muddy field, a marathon session of Mario Kart, and throwbacks to melodies still available on vinyl during Mock Rock.