At Cornerstone, Jesus Christ is in all.

At our core, we are compelled and inspired by Jesus Christ. Of all the relationships you'll develop at Cornerstone University, your relationship with Him rises above the rest. Here, you'll find an environment where you can grow in your relationship with Christ and serve members of the global church, receiving support from faculty, staff and peers.

As an interdenominational, unwaveringly Christ-centered university, our commitment to preparing followers of Christ is basic to all we do. Our unique and comprehensive Cornerstone Virtue Project integrates every part of the campus experience—from academics to athletics—to nurture nine key virtues of a Christ-follower. In addition, Christ Chapel embodies our commitment to Christ by housing our vibrant chapel program and serving as a lab for our thriving worship arts major.

Chapel Services

At Cornerstone, we worship together, pray together, learn together and are challenged by each other to make a difference in our world for Jesus Christ. As you grow spiritually, a diverse community of Christ followers is growing with you.

Our campus community gathers for corporate worship three to four times each week during the academic year. Because your spiritual journey matters, each chapel service offers:

  • A spiritual oasis. Our chapel provides an opportunity to address the spiritual dimension of our personal lives or the corporate life of our community in an unusually direct manner.
  • A worship service. We aspire to provide a service of worship which brings glory to God and to minister to our community.
  • An explicitly Christ-centered occasion. Historically, Christian education has regularly featured a communal chapel service. A chapel protects our university from the too common drift away from God and toward secularization.
  • A unifying event. The very act of gathering together cuts against individualism and trains us to see ourselves as a community summoned in praise of God. The gospel has more power to unite us than our individual affinities have to pull us apart.

Chapel Calendar

Mentor Program

Beyond connecting with your peers, it is important to have relationships with those who can lend a listening ear, as well as share their life experiences with you in an intentional way. Our mentoring program—Sojurners—pairs interested students with a caring staff or faculty member, peer mentor or alumnus who commits to journeying with you through the ups and downs of the semester.

Small Groups

Community is important at CU. We strive to offer you every opportunity to connect with your peers in deep and meaningful ways. One of the best ways to cultivate healthy, beneficial relationships with other students is by joining a small group, facilitating relationships with people on campus at a deeper level and providing a new context to grow in your relationship with God.

One format involves reading and discussing the same section of Scripture alongside faculty, staff and students as part of our all-campus Bible study. Alternatively, you may choose to take part in one of the grassroots groups initiated by fellow students. At times, various faculty and staff members also lead groups that are open to students as well.