Spiritual growth matters.

At our core, we are compelled and inspired by Jesus Christ. Of all the relationships you’ll develop at Cornerstone, your relationship with Him rises above the rest. As you grow spiritually, a diverse community of Christ followers is growing with you. We worship together, pray together, learn together and are challenged by each other to make a difference in our world for Jesus Christ.

  • A Spiritual Oasis: Our chapel provides an opportunity to address the spiritual dimension of our personal lives or the corporate life of our community in an unusually direct manner.
  • A Worship Service: We aspire to provide a service of worship which brings glory to God and to minister to our community.
  • An Explicitly Christ-Centered Occasion: Historically, Christian education has regularly featured a communal chapel service. A chapel protects our university from the too common drift away from God and toward secularization.
  • A Unifying Event: The very act of gathering together cuts against individualism and trains us to see ourselves as a community summoned in praise of God. The gospel has more power to unite us than our individual affinities have to pull us apart.

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Traditional Undergraduate Chapel Schedule

September 2016

  • Wednesday, September 14: Organ Dedication Service
  • Wednesday, September 21: Matt & Laurie Krieg (CU & GRTS Alums, Hole in My Heart Ministries)
  • Wednesday, September 28: Torah Scroll Dedication
  • Friday, September 30: Jena Lee Nardella (Author of Terra Firma Book)

October 2016

  • Wednesday, October 19: Sheridan Voysey (writer, speaker, broadcaster from Oxford, England)

November 2016

  • Monday, November 14: Pastor Troy Evans (The Edge Urban Fellowship)

December 2016

  • Monday, December 5: Advent Chapel featuring University Chorale