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We offer adult college education with business degrees, education degrees, psychology degrees human service degrees, and ministry degrees. We also provide online classes in various undergraduate courses. Choose a field of study to learn more about each degree offered, as well as the tuition and fees that are associated with each program. Explore your future today!

CU Online Recognition

CU Online is highly recognized, and has received the honor of being included in lists such as the 2015 US News & World Report Best Online Bachelor's Programs and the 50 Best Online Master's Degree Programs of 2015. More information on the recognition CU Online has received can be found at


Leadership development, analytical and problem-solving skills within a Christian framework are paramount in Cornerstone University's Business degrees. Students work in learning teams, simulating collaboration and problem-solving found in a team-oriented workplace. Learning occurs through shared experiences and resources.

Courses are designed for working professionals who seek to develop management, leadership and decision-making skills that are needed in today's complex business environment. Global business emphasis is incorporated in all the adult college education curricula.

Counseling & Psychology

Counseling and Psychology programs offer insight into the human condition. A degree in this growing field can provide the qualification for those interested in therapy as well as an understanding of theories and practices. This training will apply to business, education, ministry, and many other career paths.


Cornerstone University believes that its role is to empower teachers to work with children and with academic content within the context of a Christian worldview, communicating the love of Christ by respecting cultural diversity, caring for special needs and nurturing the gifts of all children.

Education programs meet the real-life needs of graduate students that are already balancing professional, family, spiritual and educational areas in their lives. Cornerstone commits to instruction with application in the education students’ classroom setting; and the greatest value of an adult college education will be seen in the changed lives of children.


Cornerstone University’s Ministry Leadership university degrees are designed for those in ministry leadership positions desiring advanced biblical, theological and ministry education to promote personal, spiritual and professional growth. Students will engage in both biblical and theological studies. Developing skills in biblical interpretation and an understanding of the Christian worldview are central components of the degree programs.

Human Services

Take your talents out into the world to make it a better place with Human Services education at Cornerstone University. Many organizations exist to help vulnerable, needy, or otherwise marginalized people participate more fully in society. Trained human services workers are needed to help these organizations carry out their missions.