Non-Traditional Education.

You may have already experienced learning in a traditional classroom environment. In traditional educational settings, students go to the school campus to locate a classroom where most of their learning occurs.

In an online environment, students gather in a virtual classroom. Their learning environment is found on any computer that is connected to the Internet. This is one of many aspects of online education that students find attractive. The idea of not commuting to campus and sitting in a classroom is very appealing, particularly to those who are not full-time students, have a family, are employed full-time or have other responsibilities that require more time away from home.

Easy Access

Online learning takes place in the context of a web-based Learning Management System (LMS). The benefit of using an LMS is that all necessary elements for the course such as: viewing course materials, communicating with your professor and fellow-classmates, quizzing and grading are integrated into one location.

Cornerstone University's LMS is easy to use and does not require any advanced computer knowledge; only certain basic computer skills are necessary to succeed as an online student.

Relevant Learning Environment

An online student already has their own unique environment, such as work, family or local church interaction. Each of these environments contribute to a relevant, practical and individualized online-learning experience. It builds upon the social and circumstantial, daily activity in which the student participates.

It is especially important for adult learners to bring learning home, specifically offline. In many ways, these all provide a richer learning environment than that of the traditional face-to-face classroom.