Wisdom matters.

Academic programs in our Bible, Religion & Ministry Division aim to give you a comprehensive understanding of the Bible as a whole and develop your skills in the communication and ministry of the Word of God. As a result, you'll graduate with an essential knowledge of Scripture as well as the necessary tools for applying it to new and emerging contexts.


Courses in the Bible, Religion & Ministry Division prepare you to deal with foundational issues of life and, upon this foundation, build your academic and vocational plans. Program requirements for each major ensure that you have the relevant preparation needed for leadership positions, professional ministry roles and admission to graduate-level programs.

  • Biblical Studies: The biblical studies major provides preparation for ministry, seminary or related postgraduate training.
  • Intercultural Studies: The intercultural studies major empowers you to minister across cultural and ethnic boundaries with empathy, cultural intelligence and theological competence.
  • Ministry: The ministry major prepares you to work with various age groups—from children to adults— in a variety of contexts, including the local church, Christian camps, sports ministries, urban settings and other parachurch organizations.
  • Missions Aviation: The missions aviation major equips you, in partnership with the School of Missionary Aviation Technology, with the biblical knowledge, intercultural awareness and technical skills to serve the greater missions community through the critically useful tool of air transportation.


Although not every major requires that you to also earn a minor, the addition of a minor to your four-year plan can increase your marketability as a job candidate and give you an edge in the hiring process.

*This minor requires only three additional classes beyond Cornerstone's core curriculum.

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If you are considering a major in the Bible, Religion & Ministry Division but have questions about how to choose a major that is the best fit for you, send us an email.

We'd be glad to help answer your questions, hear about your interests and career goals and advise you on picking a major.

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