A three-year business degree track.

The Division of Business at Cornerstone University has packaged a number of degree programs into a three-year format—something we call Business Fast Forward.

Although an accelerated program is challenging to complete, it allows you the possibility of saving tuition from a fourth year not spent in the classroom. In addition, the opportunity to finish your course work earlier allows you to begin earning a paycheck sooner, or start on a graduate degree.

Overview of Business Fast Forward

The Business Fast Forward program allows academically qualified students to finish their Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, business administration, computer information systems, business finance, international business, business management, business marketing, non-profit administration, business economics or sports management in three years. This will be done by students taking three courses in January, one in May and completing an internship in the summer.

Entrance Requirements

Students who take this program are required to have already completed their required math and writing competences. These will allow them to sequence directly into later core courses.