Engage with organizations abroad.

Students in the CU Business program have the unique opportunity to complement their studies with an international trip. Below are listed the many semester and J-Term trips available to our students:

EDE Christian University (Netherlands)

Cornerstone University partners with Ede Christian University to offer semester-long student exchanges in Ede, Holland. Cornerstone students spending a semester at Ede Christian can complete course work in Business with focus areas in operations and processes, marketing, legislation, economics, management, personnel management, ethics, consulting and communication skills.

Handong Global University (South Korea)

Cornerstone University partners with Handong Global University to offer semester-long student exchanges in Pohang, South Korea. Handong Global is a Christian university that is one of the most academically selective institutions in South Korea. Course content ranges from the basics of economics and management to advanced courses in MIS and economic theory.

Chicago Semester

The Chicago Semester is an off-campus program where students spend four days a week at an internship related to their career interest and academic major and participate in classes one day per week at the Chicago Semester office in downtown Chicago. Finance is one of the main focuses of business during the Chicago semester. Students can earn 15 semester hours.

Ecuador Semester

This 13-week program offers an amazing mixture of adventure, academic excellence, culture, practical experience, language, mission and integrated living in the city of Quito. Students will engage in Spanish language study, international business classes and interdisciplinary seminars about Latin culture, history, ecology, politics, economics and religion.

Lithuanian Christian College

Study Abroad students participating in the semester program are fully immersed in Eastern European cultures as they study in an international community and live in the port city of Klaipeda. In addition to academic learning, students are enabled and encouraged to immerse themselves in the community through volunteer and service oriented opportunities as well as academic internships / practicums.  A full curriculum of business and economic courses are available.

Latin American Studies Program

Homestays, field studies and lively classroom exchange will expose students to the many realities of Latin America. Business concentration students spend six weeks addressing the fundamentals and application of international business through course work and a practicum experience.

Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Faith, technology and the storytelling of films and television are areas that are explored in this program. Located in one of the primary film and television production centers in L.A. and utilizing state of the art camera and editing equipment, LAFSC is designed to integrate a Christian world view with an introductory exploration of the work and workings of mainstream Hollywood entertainment.

China Studies Program

The China Studies Program enables students to engage in China’s ancient history and society from an insider’s perspective. While immersed in Chinese culture, students participate in courses on the historical, cultural, religious, geographic and economic realities of this strategic and populous nation. Students choose between two concentrations: China Studies and International Business. The business concentration provides the possibility of an international business internship in China. All students also study Mandarin.

Contemporary Music Center

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, the Business Track in the CMC program is designed for arts management, marketing, communications and related majors interested in possible careers as artist managers, agents, music publishers, tour managers, concert promoters and entertainment industry entrepreneurs.

J-Term Business Trips

Dubai, China, and the Netherlands

These destination programs are academically grounded in a Christian worldview context.

Through dialogue with business executives and exposure to various cultural experiences, the participants come away with a better understanding of:

  • Faith applications in the marketplace.
  • Obstacles and opportunities to conducting business in Dubai, China and the Netherlands as North American business people.
  • How economic globalization impacts respective industries and how to equip your company for this opportunity/threat.
  • The growing role of business as mission in other cultures.
  • The religious, cultural, political and economic environments in this region of the world.

International Business Institute

Russia, European Union, India, China

The International Business Institute is designed to give students in economics, business management and related areas a distinctive opportunity for a term of study that incorporates the international dimension of these fields in an experiential context overseas. The program is ten weeks in length and includes coordinated visits and presentations with leading companies including Mars Candy, IKEA, Ahold, John Deere, Deutsche Bank, WTO, European Union, Nestle, Black and Decker, Shell Oil and the OECD.