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Excel as a Leader.

As a student in the Division of Business, you will be equipped through dynamic courses, interaction with the Grand Rapids business community, international study opportunities and a solid faculty who bring their experience right into the classroom. As a student, you'll graduate prepared to excel in a business environment and having developed foundational leadership skills for the workplace.

A Context for Innovation

The classroom is just the launching pad for students of the Business Division. Grand Rapids’ environment provides a wealth of job opportunities for ambitious students seeking an internship. With a diverse range of businesses in the area, students can learn from some of the top professionals in the field of their study.

Undergraduate Experiential Learning Opportunities

From initiating the installation of low flow showerheads across campus to meeting industry leaders in the Netherlands, students of the Business Division become equipped for transitioning from student to professional. Explore select opportunities below.

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Maressa Toomire '16 | Major: Non-Profit Administration

"The Business Division is a thriving department, offering great opportunities for students to develop and be well-equipped in the workplace. Professors in the Business Division have come alongside me personally to see my growth and development throughout each semester and are dedicated to seeing their students succeed."

Degree Programs Available

For information on distinctive components of our degree programs and available internship opportunities, explore a major below.


Business Administration
Computer Information Systems
International Business
Non-Profit Administration
Sports Management

*Explore how you can finish a degree in three years, allowing you to enter the field early.

Relational Learning with Mentoring, Modeling Scholars

Student life at Cornerstone is participatory in nature; we view the learning curve as benefiting from having a lived component. Meet the folks you will come to count on as discussion facilitators, mentors, lifelong students in the field, and fellow disciples.