Adult and Graduate Programs - Enlarge Your World

Founded in 1941, Cornerstone University has been committed to providing solid, practical education for over 70 years. The Professional & Graduate Studies program was created in 1993 to serve the adult population of Michigan with a variety of accelerated degree-completion programs, each one designed to meet specific educational needs. The Professional & Graduate Studies program of Cornerstone University exists to empower the adult learner to influence the world by providing a distinctive and academically excellent education from a Christ-centered worldview.

A Global Perspective

Cornerstone University believes you can make a difference in the global community and has created the Global Studies Program to develop you into a knowledgeable and effective leader. Through short international journeys, students interact with kingdom companies and social enterprise, develop their cultural intelligence and experience societies being transformed.

TESOL Abroad

Prague is a culturally rich, deeply historic city at the center of the European continent. TESOL students at Cornerstone University are invited to participate in a week-long residency program learning and teaching in the Czech Republic.