Discover the person you were created to be.

At Cornerstone University, we don't believe in you learning by yourself. This is a university where every faculty member is both a gifted thinker and follower of Jesus. We aren't interested in sterile instruction in a lecture hall. We want to walk with you daily in the spiritual and intellectual challenges of your personal faith journey. Here, you will never question, discover, grow or learn alone.

Cornerstone is more than a four-year degree. This is an academically rigorous learning environment. This is a Christ-centered community. This is where you can find your place. This is where you will grow into the person you were created to be. This is CU.

Academic Programs

Our interdisciplinary liberal arts core provides you with intellectual and cultural skills for life success, while our professional programs equip you to thrive in a modern, complex society. With more than 60 undergraduate programs and degrees, a host of international study abroad experiences and a number of servant leadership opportunities, CU takes a holistic approach to education. You won't just leave Cornerstone ready for the future, you will leave here changed in deep ways.

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Cornerstone awards associate and bachelor's degrees in a variety of academic programs. To explore our degree options, select a major or minor.

College Is About More Than a Degree

At Cornerstone, knowledge is about more than memorizing facts. Here, you will develop a deeper understanding of people, life and God. You will conquer challenges, grow in wisdom and make more memories than you can count.

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