With a major in accounting, you will be prepared to seek licensing as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Refining your skills in analysis and problem solving, you will graduate equipped to make ethical, sound decisions and to contribute to the growth and development of both individuals and organizations.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

Business Administration

A degree in Business Administration equips you with the abilities and skills to be a proactive leader. The economy is rapidly changing and there are new opportunities every day for those who show leadership knowledge. Cornerstone sets students up to graduate with the competencies that future employers seek.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science


Economics prepares you to discern and apply unchanging biblical principles in the context of a rapidly changing world. The continual evolution of organizational structures, development of international financial policies, and implications of current valuations of currencies around the world illustrate the conceptual and practical components that you will contribute to and address as a student of the field.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

History Education

History can be used as a double major, supplementing any other major by providing a historical perspective and research skills. Broadly trained and enlightened students have the basic skills for success in almost any imaginable vocation. In particular, students develop skills in research, critical thinking and writing.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts

International Business

A major in International Business prepares you for all aspects of a business in light of a global economy: finance, marketing, management, and accounting. Your studies will equip you with the knowledge of cultural protocols and trade laws. Courses will prepare you to serve effectively as a business expert in a global business world, while integrating faith with learning in a professional atmosphere.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science


Graduating equipped with knowledge of critical theory in literature, you will extend your abilities as a reader and writer, sharpening your skills to interpret and respond to both familiar and new texts. Pairing your interests in eloquent, meaningful words and written texts, a major in literature will allow you to develop your ability to read and write as an effective, ethically responsible communicator. 

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts

Mathematics Education

Mathematics for Secondary Teachers provides a route to Michigan certification to teach mathematics in a high school classroom. There is a significant and growing shortage of mathematics teachers in Michigan and across the nation. Teachers certified by the State of Michigan in mathematics and science are highly respected professionals and are sought-after by schools throughout the nation.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts


The Ministry Program recognizes the need for specialization and allows each student to focus on a particular ministry interest. Therefore, students choose a specific ministry emphasis where all their coursework and projects will be directed. In a time where there is yearning for both tradition and innovation, we think our primary responsibility is to help prepare the next generation of students for engaging the postmodern culture as competent, caring, and creative individuals.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts


With our Philosophy major, you'll cultivate skills in critical thinking, moral reflection and intellectual dialogue, developing a distinctly Christian approach to philosophy and ability to engage in the intellectual spirits of the age. Extend your interest in the life of the mind by exploring and interacting with the development of philosophical tradition from the basis of a Christian worldview.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts


A major in Photography assists you with developing the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to construct digital photographs and to prepare images for print publications and distribution on the web. As a graduate, you will demonstrate essential skills in the discipline, refine your ability to effectively communicate, connect your strengths to your vocation, understand approaches to engage your professional culture responsibly and ethically, and contribute to God's redemptive purposes in the world through your profession.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts

Physical Education: K-12

Students who major in Physical Education may teach any grade in that discipline. There are many opportunities outside of the classroom as well such as home school organizations who request a certified Physical Education teacher. Other areas may include: fitness centers, specific classes in community education, camp organization and general recreation departments.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts

Social Work

Social Work is a profession devoted to helping people function the best they can in their environment. With a major in Social Work, you'll graduate with confidence to engage diverse populations in both local and global settings, gaining an enriched perspective of the global church and growing as a student alongside members of the campus community.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Social Work


As a student in the Spanish program, you will immerse yourself in the language throughout the entirety of your degree coursework and as a resident in the vibrant, culturally diverse city of Grand Rapids. Taking a communicative approach, you will receive all course instruction for your major in Spanish, having ample opportunities to practice the language in the context of discussions on a range of academic topics and concepts and graduating with increased cultural competency.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts


Cornerstone University offers TESOL instruction leading to Michigan Teacher Certification. It is a minor program, which means that the student will also major or minor in another academic area in addition to TESOL. Or, you can choose an Associate of Arts degree track.

Degree Types:  Associate of Arts ,  Minor