Flourish in your calling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Ministry preparation matters. With expert faculty, top-ranked programs and the support of a diverse learning community, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary prepares you to thrive as a disciple and ministry professional.

You'll enact skills for lifelong learning, participate in service opportunities throughout your course work and experience personal growth as both a seminarian and graduate student.

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Upcoming Events

  • Feb 28

    GRTS Chapel: Dr. Robert Lehman

  • Mar 14

    GRTS Chapel: Mariano Avila

  • Mar 14

    Intercultural Studies Lecture Series

  • Mar 21

    GRTS Chapel: Jeff Lash

  • Mar 28

    GRTS Chapel: Kizombo Kalumbula

  • Apr 04

    GRTS Chapel: Dr. John Hilber

  • Apr 11

    GRTS Chapel: Jennifer Greer

  • Apr 12

    Counseling Preview Night

  • Apr 18

    GRTS Chapel: Walter Gibson

  • Apr 25

    GRTS Chapel

  • Apr 26

    Talking Points Conference