Advance as an educator.

Cornerstone University is committed to helping educators develop as influential leaders in their schools and communities. A variety of individual online courses are available to teachers who are seeking to meet their immediate professional development needs while fulfilling necessary continuing education requirements for the state of Michigan.

If you are interested in a complete adult college education program, CU offers graduate degree and non-degree programs in education and TESOL that can be completed in under two years.

Education Courses

At PGS, educators and leaders can continue to enhance their professional development through practical, individual courses taken online. Cornerstone reserves the right to cancel online classes due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.

EDU-566: Reading Diagnostics Tools and Remediation

This course empowers you with tools and techniques to incorporate into your classroom to meet students where they're at and help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. As an introduction to diagnostic tools and remediation strategies within the context of the differentiated instruction model, this course incorporates instruction in a variety of areas.

  • Interest inventories
  • English language learning
  • Visual and auditory discrimination tools
  • Language expression and processing screening
  • Writing and writing assessment tools
  • Best practice instructional strategies in all areas of literacy

Additional Graduate Courses

Other courses that are part of the M.A. Education degree program can also be taken as an individual course for educators desiring to advance their professional development.

  • EDU-521: Instructional Strategies for Diverse Classrooms
  • EDU-524: Community Building and Educational Leadership
  • EDU-527: Instructional Strategies for Students for Learning Disabilities
  • EDU-537: Educational Law and Ethics

Tuition and Fees

The PGS Tuition & Fees webpage lists current tuition rates and fees for education courses.

Prior to the first day of class, you are responsible for purchasing all required textbooks for a given course and ensuring that they are in hand before class begins. In addition, all PGS and non-degree seeking students are required to pay the technology fee for each online course in which they enroll; the fee covers a number of student resources for online students.

  • Web-based learning management system
  • Library support
  • Electronic databases
  • Email account
  • Technology support for using CU systems

Course Registration

For admission, non-degree seeking students registering for any of these courses must submit a copy of their teaching certificate by fax (616.222.1528), email or regular mail. See when courses are available by visiting the Individual Courses page.