Honoring faculty accomplishments.

Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary professors are involved in research, publishing, and many other academic activities outside the classroom. Along with their rigorous pursuit of knowledge and excellence in their fields, our faculty members put their students' education first, pushing them to higher levels of learning and intellect as mentoring, modeling scholars.

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

  • Dr. Desiree Duff, professor of communication, chaired a panel titled "Women's Voices: Civic Engagement of their Times" at the National Communication Association Convention in Philadelphia, Pa.

  • Dr. Jonathan Greer, associate professor of Old Testament and director of the Hesse Memorial Archaeological Laboratory, co-chaired a session titled "The Tell Dan Excavations at Fifty: Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Excavations at Tell Dan—Past Discoveries and New Directions" at the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Schools of Oriental Research in San Antonio, Texas.

    In addition, he presented a paper titled "Bones and the Bible: Recent Zooarchaeological Research from Tel Dan and Implications for Biblical Studies."

    On Dec. 8-10, Dr. Greer will participate in an international conference on animal sacrifice at Uppsala University in Sweden.

  • Dr. John Hilber, professor of Old Testament, is currently serving as a Senior Research Fellow with the Carl F.H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, presented a session at ETS featuring his work with the Creation Project regarding the contribution of Relevance Theory to reading Genesis 1 and the problem of divine accommodation.

  • Dr. Michael Pasquale, Humanities Division chair and professor of linguistics, presented a paper titled "Building Confidence and Motivation in a Language Class" at the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in Boston, Mass.

  • Dr. Brad Stamm, Business Division chair and professor of economics, published an essay in the Grand Rapids Business Journal entitled "Economic Lessons from Yoko Ono and Moses," reflecting on the importance of family to the the well-being of our economy.

  • Dr. David Turner, professor of New Testament, presented two papers at the Society of Biblical Literature conference:
    • "Israel's Last Prophet: Matthew 23:29-36 and the Intertextual Basis of Matthew's Rejected Prophet Christology"
    • "His Glorious Throne: The Future of Israel and the Gentiles According to Matthew"

  • Dr. Michael Wittmer, professor of systematic and historical theology, presented a paper at ETS entitled "Is a Just Price Enough?," featuring insights from Thomas Aquinas, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Tim Keller and Pope Benedict.

Spring 2016